I’m not even sure how I stumbled onto this documentary at this point.

I know it happened yesterday when I was searching for resources for my Wellness Concentration, part of my Hackable MBA. So, I took the time to watch it, curious more than anything else.

What harm could it do, right?

The first half seemed pretty good. Yes, I know. All the foods we make today (make being the key work there) are bad for us. Poison, and we’re shoveling it into our bodies for all kinds of reasons.

The medical community loves it because it means profits. Who really wants healthy patients, anyway?

The food companies really love it because they have addicted customers who keep coming back to the trough for more and more.

But, then, the movie seemed to take a turn to the dark side. You start to see the pace increase little by little, until they’re shouting from the proverbial rooftops, juice, juice, you need more juice!

It doesn’t take long before you conclude something fishy is going on.

Look up the makers of the movie, and sure enough, they are selling juice and assorted “healthy” products. Just like the major food companies do.


So, one think I do know. This is not the solution for me. No silver bullet here. No magic, cure all pill.

And I’m not the only one. The reviews on Amazon are pretty awful. Of course, several reviewers recommend “Forks vs Knives,” so I’m watching yet another documentary (which sounds strangely similar to this one).

I would not recommend Hungry for a Change to anyone, unless you have two hours to kill and like watching skinny actors play like their somehow fat.

I’ll keep searching, I suggest you do, too.

Juice? Why not just eat the fruit?

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