This is the second assignment in the “Design your own Weight Loss Plan” course at Coursera. Here are my answers:

I will exercise between 210 and 500 minutes per week, varying between moderate and vigorous intensity. My goal is to maximize my muscle development and tone, while producing a caloric deficit sufficient for gradual weight loss.

My exercise activities are:

Wednesdays (30 minutes)
Bodyweight Exercises

Th, Sun, Mon (30-120 minutes)
Manual Labor

Tu, Fri, Sat (30 min)
Manual Labor

The bodyweight exercises on Wednesdays are indoors. I’ve moved my bedroom into the loft so I can turn my master bedroom (which is always the coldest in the house) into a shop/exercise room. I don’t like equipment training, hate the idea of going to a gym and despise the spectacle of exercising out in public.

I abhor an audience.

On Th, Sun, and Mon I plan to be on my property out on the lake (no audience at all), where I can fill my day with hiking (miles of private trail and bushwacking), kayaking (miles of flat water), and a near endless supply of manual chores to do (lots of digging this year for my underground hobbit hole).

Tu, Fri, and Sat are work days and offer the perfect time to work on a garden, which will (hopefully) produce the bulk of my food (along with fish from the lake).

There’s my exercise plan. Comment below if you see a problem!

I really do hate pushups!

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