This post I will use as my weigh-in log as I work through the course at Coursera. I will update this post after every weigh-in.

267.8 lbs
Did 30 minutes of manual labor at the lake.
0400 Oatmeal
0800 Tacos (2)
0300 Ice Cream
0400 Nachos
0250 Apple Sauce
2150 Total

02/16/17 – 264.8 lbs
02/15/17 – 265.4 lbs
02/14/17 – 267.5 lbs
02/12/17 – 265.4 lbs
02/11/17 – 265.8 lbs
02/07/17 – 266.8 lbs
02/06/17 – 265.5 lbs
02/05/17 – 266.4 lbs
02/04/17 – 268.5 lbs

Time for a Weigh-In!

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About Isaac Hunter

Author of Supernatural Suspense Fiction, rabid fan of religious and scientific subjects, and currently working on a secluded, lakefront Eden in the Pacific Northwest. Avid hiker, kayaker and pizza lover.