I have to admit, I’m new to Nora Roberts. I’ve never been exposed to her novels before, never really knew anything about her.

But, with a lot of down time on my hands lately, I stumbled onto this book and decided to give it a try.

What a good choice.

Nora Roberts is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author and apparently has been on the scene for years.

She specializes in Magick and Witchcraft, in apocalyptic fiction, with great detail investing in her characters and the stories that they find themselves in.

Year One was no disappointment in this regard. It has all the necessary elements needed for a fast paced, page turning supernatural post-apocalyptic adventure, full of hope and despair, courage and reward.

Yet, at the core, this story is about heartbreak, about loss, and with its dark themes, it creates for the reader a despondent despair, much in the way you would morn the loss of a loved one.

While reading, I thought this book reminded me of a book I wrote several years ago, called OUR DAUGHTER, about a young girl that loses everything and discovers witchcraft as a weapon against a sinister evil out to steal her body and shipwreck her soul.

But, after finishing it, I think Year One is more like the AURORA SERIES, where a band of strangers discover they are in the fight for their lives, and must join forces and work together if they have any hope of surviving the foreign world they find themselves in.

Like Nora, my books tend to lean into dark, malevolent themes, dealing with loss and the broken, selfish nature of humanity.

In Year One, Roberts paints a heavy scene of sickness that comes without warning and spreads across the globe without mercy, reducing the population by half.

Society falls in typical post-apocalyptic style, with the electrical grid failing, and basic services falling apart.

But, in an interesting twist, science and reason are replaced by Magick and these new powers are used both to corrupt and to save those who wield them.

When they determine that the chaos will only get worse, our band of survivors set out to flee New York City, heading west into the unknown.

Lana Bingham leads the group, along with her boyfriend, Max.

Through it all, they must deal with strangers as if they are hostile by default, suffer loss and set back at every turn, and must band together and fight in order to survive.

This is a book of raw emotion, gripping you at the core of who you are, who you could be if found in similar circumstances.

Characters like Starr and Flynn will leave you breathless, forever wanting more, and the story will break your heart in the end.

It is a dark book, but aren’t all good novels dark these days?

There really are no more happy endings going forward, only shades of gray. Only what can be assessed as acceptable losses.

This book does a good job of packing in all the pain and misery it can muster and unleashing it on you with every turn of the page.

Overall, it was a deeply refreshing start to what I’m sure will be a harrowing series going forward. It gives a new spin on the supernatural elements of this world Roberts has created – one, if given half the chance – you will not soon forget.

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Before this rag-tag group realizes it, they are plunged into a spiraling vortex of death, and must fight with everything they have just to stay alive.

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Have you read Nora Roberts’ Year One Yet? What did you think? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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But be forewarned. Do so and you’ll never see the world the same again.

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