I finished the Humanity and Sin course (part of the Theology Program) which is a requirement for my Unschooled Master of Theology program and figured it is time for a course review.

So, lets jump in and see if we can’t finish before summer’s end…

Course Overview

This course is typical of The Theology Program courses I’ve taken in the past. Ten lectures videos, discussion questions, and also has some Case Studies as well as Scripture memorizations and suggested readings (which I did not do).

Overall, it was a pretty good course, given that the topic is right in line with my major research: biblical anthropology, personal eschatology, and the philosophy of death.

The two instructors make a point to cover all the various positions on a given topic and do not necessarily slant their presentations toward a particular view.

Topics Covered

The course begins with the motivations for God creating the human being, and then moves into the different views pertaining to the constituent parts that make up the living being. Whether monism or dualism, they present all sides of the debate in some depth.

Next they move on to the two main views of sin, whether the human nature is neutral toward sin or we are brought into the world with a malformed, fallen fleshly nature that prevents us from ever seeking or finding favor in God’s sight. Free will is also discussed at length, which I find particularly engaging as a topic.

Lastly, the course spends the last two lectures discussing the differences between the sexes, between egalitarianism and complementarianism, posing the question as to whether or not the Bible says anything about women taking up positions of authority in the Church, if they can serve in a leadership role over men, and what the root causes were of the sexual revolution in the 60’s and 70’s in the United States.

Drawbacks to the Course

Though these courses do have a lot of content within them I do sometimes feel as if I’m still missing key pieces to the puzzle even after I’ve finished a particular course. I’m not certain why this is. Maybe the courses are just lacking a robust and comprehensive learning experience since it is primarily lectures and discussion questions, maybe some reading.

I think this might be what I will be striving to change in my upcoming workbook courses, bringing together all these external materials to form a full and comprehensive course with individualized mentorship provided. These Theology Program courses originally had an interactive component to the, utilizing an online forum where you could post discussion question answers. But, if I remember right, there was no much in the way of interaction with other students. Of course, the same could be said for seminary and college courses I’ve taken in the past, where much of the interaction between students was required and thus artificially forced. I hope to structure my workbook course activities in a way that allows my students the ability to interact with peers in and out of the classroom setting, to engage in real life as it is happening.

Overall, these courses are good, but seem to still be lacking.


I would definitely recommend not only this course but the entire Theology Program course to anyone who is looking to expand the discussion of fundamental and theological topics. I’ve been working through the six courses for several years now, and only have a few more to go. I especially find the discussion questions quite rewarding.

Until my next review…

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The door’s lock released and Dr. Lewis looked around at each of them.

“Stay close, and be ready for anything. I’m not sure if they’re all in the Command Center or if they are trying to secure Level 4. Hell, they could all be evacuating.”

He stared at Scott as he came up onto the landing.

“Let’s go,” Scott said.

Dr. Lewis pushed the door open and walked out into the hall, followed by the others – in ones and twos.

Level 2 was similar to the other level, with a long corridor, doors on either side, all with security displays recessed into the wall next to them.

But, as they entered the corridor, Scott’s breath caught in his throat.

As he stood there with the others, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

In front of them, probably no more than a few yards away, were three bodies lying on the floor. One was sitting up against the wall, the side of his face melted, exposing his right eyeball and a good portion of his right skull.

Another one was laying face down, his entire back opened up at the spine, as if his spinal cord had been ripped out of him from behind.

The last one was a few more feet away from the others, on his back, his eyes seared from his head, black, burnt flesh where his eyes used to be.

The intercom came back to crackling life.


Derrick said over the intercom.

“Don’t worry. You can answer,” he said. “I can hear you.”

Scott looked up, then fixed his gaze on the security camera at the end of the corridor.

“Yes?” Scott finally asked.

There was a pause, static.

“What are you doing, Derrick?” he asked. “Did you do this?”

“Indeed,” Derrick said, coming back on.


“They refused to help me.”

“What are you trying to do, Derrick?” Scott asked.

There was another pause.

“I want to go home, Professor,” the boy said.


“Yes,” Derrick said, his tone soaked with some other-worldly confidence that did not belong in an innocent, ten year old boy.

“I want to go home, Professor,” he said again. “Would you be interested in coming home with me?”

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