I got up this morning and, for some reason, jumped right into my scene today, and also topped off a scene edit for SEEKING LIGHT AURORA. Now both are behind me and it’s not even 8:30am.

That’s good, though, because I have two new tv shows I’m dying to watch. The first one is part 2 of the Hatfield and McCoys. The second is Hit & Miss. H&M is a no-brainer, being a history graduate student drop out. But I was pleasantly surprised that I liked Hit and Miss. Not too surprised, being that the star of the show is the lovely Chloë Sevigny. That’s right, the third wife of Bill Hendrickson, the fictitious polygamist from the great state of Utah who was gunned down in cold blood by a mentally unstable neighbor. Chloë Sevigny was absolutely great in Big Love and, if the other episodes are anything like the first one, she is going to be just as smashingly good in this show as well.  And just think, Bill Paxton played Hendrickson on Big Love and who do you think is playing Randall McCoy: none other than Bill Paxton. It’s getting spooky in here.

Anyway, off to the movies!



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