Didn’t do so hot this morning on the word count, but I did do quite a bit of remodeling on the scene I wrote yesterday. I didn’t manage to get a few hundred words written before my time ran out. All in all, though, it was still a pretty productive day. I got sidetrack early this morning as I was doing my office paperwork, watching Youtube videos of Tic Tac Toe. They are a German (I think) singing group – three girls. It’s amazing how big the rest of the world is out there. I’ve always been amazed at how diverse and varied it all is. Countless people are born, grow up, and live their entire lives, then die, all in a completely different country and culture from mine. This does not even begin to touch lost cultures like the Native Americans. It’s all quite fascinating to me.

I am excited about today, though. I have a package coming in the mail. A bran new laptop! Yeah! Can’t wait!

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