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Let’s get started….

How’s it Going Thus Far?

I know it’s been a few months since I’ve posted an update on my research or, more precisely, on the progress I’ve made with my uThM Program. For those of you who are just tuning in with this post, let me give you a little backstory.

Back in April 2019, I made the decision to design and pursue an unschooled Master of Theology in Biblical Studies, focusing, of course, on the systematic analysis of the biblical text and theology, but also exploring death, quantum physics, mathematics, history, entrepreneurship, origin studies, and hermitic vocations.

Since April, I’ve been streamlining my study approaches and organizing my research tools, and I’m pretty much in full swing at this point.

I’ve re-organized recently, formalizing my study materials into month long “semesters,” which seems the best option for me at this point in an attempt to stave off inevitable monotony.

Going forward, my updates will coincide with the end of the month and the completion of another “semester,” where I will analyze, summarize, and assimilate the material I covered during that previous month.

So, what did I accomplish this month? Or, more exactly, the last three months?

Well, I completed a long-held goal of watching all episodes in the Planet Earth Series (1 and 2). This resulted in a lengthy paper I posted to Patreon (at some point I will post it on the blog now that this platform has been abandoned).

I also finished the first course in the Theology Program. This was an interesting class, with an in depth discussion questions assignment.

As part of that class, I also finally read the Didache and the Book of Enoch. The former I quickly concluded was worthless, providing no utility at all for doctrine or theology. The latter, though enticing and provocative (fallen angels taught mankind how to write), it is either a counterfeit written much later than the New Testament, or it was accurately written a few hundred years before Christ (or its an authentic document written by Enoch). The first section is worthwhile for speculative theology, but the bulk of the text is all but unintelligible.

The Hacking Consciousness class by Stanford turned out to be a bait and switch. It had little information about consciousness, no information about hacking, and an over abundance of guest speakers waxing philosophically about the benefits of transcendental meditation.

The last major online course I completed this week was the Monastic Spiritual Theology course. It provided an incredible exposure to monastic theology throughout its history, covering topics like Lectio Divina, the Rosary, Mary, and the Daily Office.

For that class, I also read Plato’s Phaedo, which, to my surprise, was actually quite good. It garnered my favorite quote of the semester, “Is not philosophy the practice of death?”

I also read the Passion of the Holy Martyrs Sts. Perpetua and Felicity and Somnium Scipionis: The Dream of Scipio. Both were – underwhelming.

Biocentrism was the first book I read for the uThM Program. It explored quantum physics and can basically be summed up as a re-branding of Solipsism. The argument present quickly falls apart, as 1. I have no control over the external world, and 2. The external world possesses elements in it that I know nothing about. It is an impossibility that my consciousness created it (unless, of course, my consciousness, upon creating the external world, subsequently superimposed an amnesic lens upon itself).

I finished Desert Solitaire, an opus in its own right. Incredible stories, woven together like a tapestry. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the ending.

I also read an introductory text on cougars: The Cougar: Wild, Beautiful, Dangerous. It was quite good and rendered me utterly terrified, until I actually went out in the woods and quickly forgot I was supposed to be afraid. The creature does remain elusive, mysterious, somewhat mystical, and quite deadly.

I also watched a few YouTube videos in my spare time. A Lecture by Professor Freedman from his class the Early Middle Ages at Yale. I also watched the SciCafe presentation: Life – the Universe and Everything with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Both were quite stimulating.

An Interesting Thing Happened….

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately, specifically Jordan Peterson lectures and interviews. I find his persona and presence quite fascinating. A few of his actual lectures from his University have been posted online in their entirety, so I will be adding these to my roster.

I’ve noticed, as I work through material (book, course, etc) I come away with a handful more resources discovered. If this keeps happening, I will never finish my program. It might become the first perpetual graduate program in human history.

I stumbled onto a new course offered by Charles Eisenstein called Metaphysics & Mystery. It is a new course, just opened and it’s an actual live course with other students and participation requirements in the forum. I am highly skeptical, as I do believe he might be a new ager. But, I’m amicable enough. It’s free, so it will not hurt to check it out. The trailer from the girl he was interviewing was quite provocative and captivating. I couldn’t resist. They are asking some of the very same questions that spurred me to start my uThM program. The course starts next week.

Lessons Learned…

I’ve learned you certainly cannot judge a book by its cover. There was at least one course, as explained above, that was a complete bait and switch. False advertising and a colossal waist of my time. I would imagine this happens in traditional graduate school, too. Only, my tuition was free an I didn’t need to finish the course at all (next time I will drop a dud class like a hot potato).

My homework software failed miserably and this has become rather predictable. It appears as if a text file is much more dependable, though, it too suffers if I don’t consistently “look” at it and actually update it on a regular basis. I’m currently trying out My Study Life, but it has its own limitations.

In light of the controversies surrounding Patreon, and also the seemingly utter lack of interest in my project from possible donors, I’ve decided to abandon the platform and force primarily on the blog, facebook, twitter, and possibly podcasts to get the word out. All in-post adverts will now focus on the end products (my books and in the future, hopefully, courses). I would really like to get a podcast (or podcasts) going. Just have to get a workable formula that I can live with.

Where am I Going From Here?

I’ve decided to do a mini “semester” for the remainder of August and then start a full one for September.

For August I would like to complete the following coursework:

  • Metaphysics & Mystery – Online Course
  • Personality & Its Transformations – Online Course
  • Write everyday on Writing Kathy & Charlotte
  • Edit everyday on Sacred the Sent
  • Review M Scott’s Greek Language Course
  • Finish The Diabetes Code
  • Inerrancy Summit

For September I would like to complete the following coursework:

  • Metaphysics & Mystery – Online Course
  • Personality & Its Transformations – Online Course
  • Write everyday on Writing Kathy & Charlotte
  • Edit everyday on Sacred the Sent
  • Review Anderson’s Greek Course
  • Finish Going to Seminary Blog
  • Finish Solitude Book
  • ABP Lectures Genesis

My job has me down to 3 days a week, and by mid-September I’ll be working only 2 days a week with five days off. It is a dream schedule, with well more than enough money to pay my expenses (and also put about half into savings).

I’m considering turning the small bedroom in my house into a home office. I think it might help with keeping better focus throughout the day. But, I’m torn. I would rather add a sofa and big screen tv to my living room, but I don’t want to purchase anything new until the VA appeal is completed and they’ve made their decision. If I have to file bankruptcy, I might lose everything and need to move into a van and live down by the river (not complaining).

If not, and my bill is approved, or even if I get to keep my house in a bankruptcy, I might very well do a little remodeling and rent out the house to a roommate. This would likewise fund me for full time writing and research.

For now, I’m just enjoying the summer months, working a little, and finding the intellectual stimulation fascinating.

Until next time…..

Excerpt from Seeking Light Aurora:

Thomas opened the front door of the diner and leaned inside, holding himself up by the door frame.

“What’s the matter?” Terrance said, looking away from Peg and Carol. They were all huddled together at the counter.

“Her truck is still freaking out. I’ll try to keep her busy for as long as I can, but I’m running out of ideas.”

He looked over at Derrick who was quietly sitting at the back booth reading one of his books.

“You’ve got to keep her busy,” Terrance said. “We don’t have any other choice.”

“Look –” Thomas hesitated. “This isn’t all on me you know. I’ve already told you. I don’t know jack shit about trucks or engines. I’m sure as hell not a mechanic.”

“It’ll be fine,” Peg said.

“We all know there’s nothing I can do to fix that truck.” Thomas was shaking his head. “She’s going to figure out that something’s up. What if she starts asking questions?”

“Stall her,” Terrance said. “We just have to keep her busy for a little while. Remember, whatever it takes.”

“But, what about –” Carol had tears welling up.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Terrance said. “We’ve all been through this before.” He looked at Thomas. “Just take a deep breath and relax.”

“Relax my ass,” Thomas said. “Save that bullshit for her, okay?”

“Just keep her occupied in the garage as long as you possibly can. She’s focused right now on getting her truck fixed, so use that.”

“Whatever you say.” Thomas pushed off the door frame and let the door close behind him.

“It’s not going to work,” Carol said. “She’ll figure out something is wrong and that will be it.”

Terrance put his hand on Carol’s arm, gently trying to reassure her.

“It’ll work, Carol,” he said. “Have faith. It’ll work. Whatever it takes.”

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