I don’t actually remember when this show started nor do I remember starting to watch it. It just feels like it’s always been there on Sunday nights (at least something’s actually on that’s worth watching).

Yet, now it’s over. And, with a pretty crappy ending, I might add. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s step back a bit.

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Here’s to the good times, right?

What I’ll Miss about Madam Secretary?

Stevie and…well….Stevie. That’s what I will miss. Especially a few seasons ago when she was sneaking around, involved in a torrid love affair with a Russian double agent who just so happened to work for her step father.

Those were the days.

And, she was probably one of the few people remaining from the bloodletting that happened in the last few seasons of the show, with all of the supporting characters pretty much disappearing without a trace, right when Elizabeth became president.


Maybe Tea Leoni wanted a big pay raise and they had to gut the staff to fund it. Or, maybe the prices went up on catering. Who knows.

Hollywood, am I right?

All I know is the show did suffer somewhat in….context….over the last few story lines.

But, I will miss Tim Daly’s portrayal of the socio-political theologian slash super secret covert NSA spy guy.

And the know nothing first son, who lost his mind (and most of his air time) the last few years.

Why I’m Glad to See Her Go?

Despite the good memories, though, I am thankful I will not be bombarded with relentless political and social agendas anymore (well, until the next halfway decent show comes out and they do the same thing again).

I don’t even recall when Kat left the show. I think she just disappeared after season 5, but it could have been sooner. That’s how relevant she really was.

Same with the speech writer. Just gone. It’s not until the season finale did he return and I find out he went to Hollywood to make reality TV (what?).

Of course, we did get a hint at Jay Whitman’s disappearance. He went off to shack up with the chess player.

At the close of the show, we get a trite, and rather forced close with Jay returning for all of 5 seconds, with him declaring a move back to Washington and a baby on the way (how very unoriginal).

Russell Jackson I will miss terribly. He channeled the heart attacks for all of us. I especially liked the relationship he had with Stevie. And, I’m glad things (possibly) worked out for him and his wife. But, who knows if he went back to work (especially if Bess won a re-election). Part of me hopes he did. His wife knew what she was getting herself into when she married him!

Blake’s character eroded over the course of the series, though I will always look for him if I’m ever at the White House (never going to happen – I personally don’t like being that close to hardened criminals).

In the End

All in all, it was a good show while it lasted. It should have avoided the whole impeachment story line and tried to be a little more creative for its last season. But, I guess it was on its last leg anyway, so what can you really expect? Everyone’s just phoning it in at that point, hoping to squeeze out one more check.

I didn’t actually realize they had been canceled until I sat down for the tenth episode, expecting I was only halfway through.


I wish they would have used at least half the season to really close the loops they tried and failed to close in the last episode.

And, ending on a train?


Why not end with her flying to the moon? Oh, no. The bottom of the ocean! Wait! The first lady on Mars! Now there’s a new series everyone can get into!

Until my next review…..

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Excerpt from Sacred the Circle:

There was a knock at the door.

Campbell got up from the chair and crossed the small distance so he could open it.

A young man stood in the doorway, probably in his early twenties.

Campbell could tell he looked a little disheveled.


He had deep rings around his eyes, as if he hadn’t been sleeping much, and he kept checking the hallway in both directions, as if half expecting someone to be stalking him.

“Hey,” Campbell said.


The kid was stumbling over his own words.

Campbell leaned out into the hallway, checking to make sure there was no one else listening.

This guy wasn’t the only one who was becoming paranoid.

There were two students hanging out at the foyer, near the stairs, but the rest of the floor was clear.

“I’m sorry,” the kid said. “Must be the wrong place. I’m mistaken.”

He started to leave.

“Wait,” Campbell said, putting a hand out. “Hold on a second.”

The kid paused.

“What’s your name?”

“Uh, I’m….Lloyd…”

He fidgeted with his collar.

“I know it sounds crazy, but – ”

“You’re not crazy, Lloyd,” Campbell said, grinning.

“Did you – ? ”

The kid paused, as if unsure if he should continue.

He looked back toward the stairs, then at Campbell.

“Did you know I was coming?” he finally asked. “I mean, that’s not possible, but, were you expecting me?”

Campbell chuckled to himself.

“What’s so funny?” Lloyd asked.

“Well – ”

Campbell pushed the door open all the way so Lloyd could see inside his dorm room.

The entire room was full of them, students, non-students, ranging from what looked like eighteen to even a few middle-aged men, scattered about the room, sitting wherever they could find a comfortable spot.

Lloyd’s mouth dropped open.

“I wasn’t really expecting them, either,” Campbell said. “So, I hope you don’t hold it against me when I tell you, I had no idea you’d be showing up here. Do you care to join us, anyway?”

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