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You can call me Isaac. And I have to say, I really don’t want to be doing a podcast. More importantly, I don’t want to be doing this podcast in particular. But, for a long time now, I’ve been compelled to reach out.

I’m not sure why.

In the famous words of Amos, “I’m neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet.” Well, I can certainly tell you I’m also not an apostle or an evangelists, or an elder or a teacher. In fact, I would bet good money (not my own money, but) I would bet good money that the church – any church – would classify me best as heretic.

And, I would imagine it’s true to some extent.

But, more on that later.

Right now let me do a little bit of an introduction and what my aim is in starting this broadcast. So, grab a seat and let’s figure out why I’ll be talking into this empty room every week.….

Who Am I?

That’s an easy question to answer. My name is Isaac Hunter. You can just call me Isaac. I originally hail from a fly over state, but several years ago transplanted to the pacific northwest. But, in reality, none of that is really all that important. What is relevant is at seventeen, God took from me the worldview I had had up until that point and replaced it with a faith in God, and with what I would call a supernatural knowledge of the reality.

Mind you, this was not, and I was not, part of any kind of Church or denomination at the time. And, of course, I’ll go into much more detail in later episodes, but suffice it to say, that night, when the sun went down I was anything but a Christian, and by the time the sun came up the next morning, all I could do was believe.

And, whatever it was, it stuck. God put a transforming belief in me, that made me hungry for the Bible, for theology, for philosophy and metaphysical understanding of the text. And that has driven me for nearly 30 years and has only increased in intensity since that first day.

Why a Podcast?

So, you’re probably wondering what Church I’m a pastor at, or what para-church ministry I’m a part of. But, thankfully, I am neither of those. In fact, most if not all modern churches today would most likely brand me a heretic before too long, if for no other reason than they would get annoyed with the frequency by which I point out how off track they are from the biblical text. But, I will admit, I do hold some bizarre theological beliefs. And I plan to talk about them at length on this podcast, so, here is my public service announcement up front:

If you are IN ANY WAY easily offended by philosophical discussion or “unchristian-like” talk, or theological contemplation that is otherwise considered “out of bounds” with modern evangelical Christianity, delete this podcast immediately and lose the link you found it at.

I mean it!

Because if you are sensitive or easily offended, you are not going to enjoy these episodes going forward.

The truth is, I’m beholden to no one but God. I am not a pastor that is compromised because his congregation pays his wages. I’m not a para-church or ministry worker who has to toe the line to stay in “orthodoxy.” I’m also not a professor at one of the many seminaries that dot the globe that require purity pledges to woke ideologies just to remain employed. So, I’m going to shoot straight and not hold back in what I say. That is my promise to you, and to my God who alone will judge my word and deed.

But, back to the question. Why a podcast?

Well, to be honest, I am attempting this simply out of compulsion. Just like Jude intended to write a different letter, but was compelled by the spirit to write something else entirely, I would prefer nothing else than to enjoy my obscurity, continue to write books that few people actually read, and blog posts that only scammers and “marketing blogs” like, and live out the rest of my days in bliss.

But, instead, I’m being propelled by God – by the signs of the times we’re living in, by Scripture, by a burden on my soul – to reach out to others for the sake of the knowledge of God and the gospel of Christ. And where else would one do that today than as a podcast?

I mean, they are terribly inexpensive. This podcast is costing me $0 dollars to host and maintain. It is distributed to a potentially global audience. And it is incredibly easily to manage and likewise just as convenient for listeners to download and consume.

So, whatever this actually amounts to, in these times we are living in at the moment, there is no better way to disseminate information, or have a conversation than asynchronously. Plus, as I’m sure I’ll get into at some point, I abhor synchronous communication.

What are your Qualifications?

This is the typical response when someone becomes involved in some kind of formal ministry in the modern church context. But, even though I want to stress, this is not what THIS is, I will lay out my qualifications anyway, if for no other reason than to satisfy the curious.

  • In 1993 I graduated high school and my worldview was overhauled by God
  • Shortly afterward I enlisted in the military and spent four long years in the US and in Germany. Within a year of my “supernatural experience” I surrendered my life to Jesus as my Lord.
  • While in the military I started and ran numerous informal Bible Studies, mostly for single soldiers in the barracks.
  • After my enlistment ended in 1997, I returned home and awkwardly attempted to serve local churches of various denominations. This always ended in utter failure and disillusionment. It felt fake or as if I were faking it.
  • In my lake 20’s I attended several house churches, which were all the rage at that time. These were a little closer to what I see in Scripture as to a model of the local church, but most were unorganized and very much reminiscent of their bigger step-sister, the modern organized corporate church.
  • In my 30’s I attempted to host a house church in my own home and this lasted for about five years until my divorce.
  • After my divorce and suspequent relocation to the pacific northwest, as well as my utter disillusionment with modern, organized Christianity, I discovered a branch of Christianity called Solitary Contemplatives. I discovered the writings of not only the Church Fathers but especially the Desert Fathers, and realized that modern Christianity is but a narrow interpretation of what the Christian faith actually is.
  • During these years I also got my BA in History in hopes of being a teacher at a community college online. Unfortunately, I ran the clock out on this, as it took me too long to finish and the opportunities for employment disappeared (more on this later).
  • But, after a failed attempted at graduate school in 2010, I was invited back to an online seminary I had completed courses at for an MDiv degree. Instead, they offered me the option to apply those courses toward a Master’s in Theological Studies (MTS), which would save me approximately $7000. So in 2019, I finished my master’s degree.
  • I spent several months after finishing my MTS searching for a doctoral program that would 1. Not push woke ideology on me or demand it from me, 2. Would be inexpensive or even better, free, since the glut of PhD’s in biblical studies was so bad there was little to no chance I could use my doctorate degree for a job in a seminary or university. Since history departments in academia are now all but lost to revisionism and intersectionality, I knew I had no interest in pursuing a career in academia.
  • Luckily, just when I was about to give up, someone online tipped me off to an online seminary that offered a ThD program that was fully funded, which mean no out-of-pocket tuition. It was not accredited, but by this point I’d determined I had no chance of success at an accredited university or seminary. But, I also did not want to pay tuition for a degree that had no real portability. This seminary fit the bill and I applied, interviewed, and was accepted into the program.
  • I will talk much more about this later, but as of yesterday, I received my dissertation approval from the committee and have received my transcripts. My 3-person committee unanimously approved my dissertation, and corrections were completed and subsequently approved by my advisor. So I have completed a Doctor of Theology in Christian Philosophy.

All of this to say I am no one, and have accomplished nothing. I work part time purposefully in the medical field so I have an abundance of free time to devote to my studies and research and avocational testing as an idiorhythmic contemplative solitary. This is fancy, technical jargon that means I’m a monk without a monastery, basically a hermit in the tradition of the desert fathers, but without necessarily adhering to a desert theology or asceticism. Of course, more on this later.

But, that is basically my qualifications. I am a heretical solitary hermit monk under my own rule and under now vow but my conscience before God.

So, What’s the Plan?

At this point, I don’t really have one. This is one of the reasons why I’m conflicted about doing a podcast in the first place. Here is my thinking on the subject:

  • About 80-90% of podcasts have few to no actual listeners.
  • I think there are more than enough teaching programs available today in every kind of format imaginable. So there is no reason for me to do a “teaching” podcast or a “preaching” one. I also don’t see a need to do a traditional “Bible Study” or even typical Bible “classes.” These have already been done again and again and often very poorly. Why should I add to that carnage?
  • I do see an opportunity to develop formal courses on some research interests I have. Christian Metaphysics, dealing specifically with fundamental reality and the transition between mortal and immortal. Likewise, there are few if any courses available on death, the intermediate state, or afterlife, especially under the speculative umbrella concerning the Divine Council, angels, the Supernatural Realms, and what it will actually mean to be a “son of God” and what will occur for us after the end of Revelation (what happens in eternity)? I’m also interested in developing classes on the origin of angels as supernatural beings and what their progression was from origin to current positions as “messengers,” and what that means for us as humans from mortal to “messenger-like” immortal beings. But, is there any real interest in these topics, is it necessary or efficacious? Or should I focus my energies on evangelism (which I am nothing at all like an evangelist and do not consider evangelism to be a universal gift or command of every Christian on earth – we are not all ears or eyes or toes, but a mixture of diverse gifts).
  • I still have a fuzzy and convoluted view of what Christianity actually is. Is it just evangelism? Is it just belief – get your ticket punched and wait for your express elevator ride to the sky? Is it being actively involved in the church or politics or all the above to bring about a theocracy? Is it being watchful, prayerful, until the end? Is it being persecuted for the faith? Is it all these things? None of them? Is Christianity largely about teaching and reviewing teaching and learning? Is it about a weekly show one passively watches? The question “what will I actually be doing in heaven?” is similar to the question I have while on earth, “what will I actually be doing in/for the Church?”
  • It is very possible my faith, my personality, my disposition have all be tainted and malformed by early child abuse (physical). Or, I have been lead into a strong delusion by God because I am unfit for the Kingdom. Then again, it is possible God has called me to this personality, to this disposition, to being a solitary, but for what purpose? To protect me from the harshness of the world? To protect others from my malformed beliefs? How am I to know what I’m to do for the Church if I don’t even know what it is Christians do or should do or are called to do?
  • I’ve received mixed messaging from the world at large. I’ve had many people thank me for the work I do on behalf of the faith. I’ve had positive comments about my writing and negative comments too. I also remember one professor in my master’s program conclude in an email to me after an assignment that I was ill prepared for life on earth or in heaven. My wife also remarked once (shortly before she abandoned our marraige), “God will never give you a church as long as you hate people.”
  • I would also like to do Q&A episodes from listener quetions.

These are the brutal realities of why I am hesitant to do this podcast or to make any kind of real plan. I’m not certain anything would be profitable. I’m not certain of what the Church (universal) needs. I’m not certain what God would be calling me to do, yet, at the same time, I keep coming back to this burden to do “it” whatever it might be. It was the same with my ThD. For the longest time I knew I wanted to do it. As the years passed on, I felt compelled to do it, even when I knew there was no profit in it (no employability). But, once I found the right school, it was very rewarding and the nagging within me has finally ceased. I’m hoping with this podcast the compulsion to do so will also be silenced.

As for a plan:

  • I don’t want to teach. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I don’t want to do a polished, fake show. I don’t want to “do” church online. I don’t want to interview people. These have already been done to death.
  • I’m interested in providing my opinion on current events as they pertain to the end times, which I think we have lurched forward in the last few years.
  • I want to discuss in great detail philosophical topics as they pertain to Christian theology, most specifically on death, the intermediate state, the afterlife, the supernatural realm, on our future transition, on the reality of everlasting life, and a myriad of other topics.
  • I want to comment on other podcasts that I regularly listen to, like James White, Geoffrey Grider, Chuck Missler, and anyone else I happen to listen to.
  • I also want to comment on books I’m reading or have read or classes I’ve taken or plan to take in the future, such as J. P. Moreland’s course on Substance Dualism.
  • I also want to provide updates and commentary on my avocational testing at the Eden Property, and on my progress toward full time idiorhythmic contemplative solitude.
  • I would like to comment on anything else that might be covered under my uThM program, which is my Unschooled Master of Theology program that will fit in between my MTS and ThD degrees.
  • I would also like to cover issues and progress pertaining to my preparation for future persecution. I am convinced that the latest events that have unfolded across the globe with the COVID virus, the supposed vaccines are a conspiracy by the antichrist to bring about the one world government. I would like to document my preparations (without geographical live in a part of the US that is very liberal and I think there is a good chance, if the United States were to fold, the western part of the country would become a communist or socialist state. If so, I would be behind “enemy” lines, and would need to 1. flee to another part of the country, 2. stay and covertly help those in need, especially the church, 3. or accept my fate and openly profess my faith in the town square so that I can be persecuted for Christ. I would like to talk extensively about these issues as they unfold in the coming months. If so, this podcast will become a bulletin of current events and what I’m experiencing first hand.


I seriously doubt this episode will ever actually get uploaded to the server and published. I doubt I will be able to continue a podcast since I detest the sound of my own voice or the format altogether, though I do love listening to podcasts and watching videos online (mostly download to watch).

But, we will see if this iteration sticks.

Until my next episode….

Please consider supporting this podcast by purchasing one of my books on Amazon or from my website at Let me read you an excerpt from one of my novels.

Excerpt from Our Daughter:

“Okay, mom,” Randy said.

“You behave yourself and be nice. You’re lucky to have company while you wait for the doctors.”

The woman turned and started back the way she came.

“The nurse said it would be twenty or thirty more minutes, so we’ll eat quick and be back up here before they take you in, okay?”

“Okay, mom.”

“Sorry for him,” the woman said to Katie as she walked by.

“He’s funny.”

Katie grinned.

As the woman left, Katie noticed the boy moving around again on the bed. Before she realized what was happening, the tiny lump disappeared and she could hear the faint sound of bare hands and feet on the tile floor.

He was low crawling under the beds toward her.

A moment later, Randy popped his head out from under the nearest hospital bed, craning his neck around to look up at her.

“Hello, there,” Katie said.

Randy disappeared back under the bed, the bed sheet draping down almost to the floor. Katie could still see three little fingers pressed to the tile.

“What are you here for?” Katie asked, readjusting her seat in the chair, trying to get the ache in her chest to lessen.

For whatever reason, the wheelchair was really uncomfortable.

“Why are – “

Randy’s voice trailed off for a moment as he looked around.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m getting my leg fixed,” Katie said. “See?”

Randy poked his head back out from under the bed and looked at the leg she was pointing to.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“The doctor said it’s broken,” Katie said. “Shattered.”


“Yeah. Ouch.”

“Can you feel it?” Randy asked, able to stay out from his hiding place.

“I can feel it, but it’s not too bad,” Katie said, then tapped the IV in her arm. “This thing is giving me medicine of some kind for the pain. At least that’s what the nurses said.”

“Why are you – ”

Randy stopped mid-sentence.

He scooted out from under the bed entirely and slowly crept over to er on all fours.

“What are you, some kind of spider?” Katie asked, giggling a little.

“What are you?” Randy echoed.

He was now only about a foot away from her chair and sat there, his legs folded up under him, gawking up at her.

“What are you staring at me for?”

“I’ve never – ”

Randy put out a hesitant hand and ever so gently touched her arm.

“Are you some kind of ghost?”

He looked around again.

“Are you – ”

He leaned in, talking in a whisper.

“Are you dead?”

A nurse came around the corner and stopped abruptly, spotting the empty bed in the far corner where Randy should have been.

“Randy Andrews,” the nurse said, her hands now on her hips. “You get right back into the bed and you stop playing around, please. They are ready for you in surgery.”

Katie watched as Randy scrambled on all fours under the beds and back up onto his, pulling the sheet back over top of himself again.

She started to ask him about his question, but couldn’t get the words out before his parents appeared at the door.

Katie sat there quietly, watching Randy stare back at her from under his sheet. She glanced over at his parents and the nurse, noticed Randy’s dad had no hair on the top of his head.

Are you dead?

What kind of question was that?

The snap of the wheel locks being disengaged on Randy’s hospital bed jarred Katie out of the confusion she was in.

The doctor she’d first seen was now at the door, waiting for Randy.

He was his surgeon.

They wheeled Randy out of the room, his parents following right behind, disappearing to the left, heading for his operating room.

The pre-op room was empty again.


Are you dead?

What kind of crazy question was that?

The nurse came back through the double doors.

“It won’t be long now,” she said.


Katie tried not to think about the dull ache growing just behind her sternum.

The nurse disappeared around the corner as Katie watched the double doors to the operating rooms slowly shut.

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