As I take the first step down this road of mine, I ponder the possibilities of what the Eden Property will bring. Will I succeed in this endeavor? Will I fail, instead? As a part of my Unschooled Master of Theology Program and my vocational testing, I have chosen to write a preliminary Rule of Life.

Here it is….

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Welcome to a new and improved Research Journal update, where I provide information about my life, about my writing, and about my unschooled Master of Theology Program (uThM).

Well, I guess we should get started….

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It’s been nearly a year since I was rushed into my local Emergency Room while having a heart attack. Quite a lot has happened over the last twelve months and I figured I would take a moment this afternoon and let you know what’s come of it all.

This is part of my Medical Crisis series.

On with the Update….

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I stumbled onto an article today and thought it was a rather fascinating idea, one I think I would love to take part in if given half the chance at some point. The article covered a wager made by a professional gambler, that he could survive in near complete isolation, in the dark, for 30 days – if he did it, he would get $100,000. Now, that’s a wager I think I could do standing on my head.

But, let’s dig into this with a little more detail, because I wonder, as someone who has sought a high level of solitude in my own life, is isolation really negative to the human being? This is part of my ongoing series on Science Talk.

So, let’s dive in.

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I’ve recently started creating small playlists on Youtube with a variety of music I happen to enjoy – especially when I’m writing. I’ve even started using them on my TV to free up resources on my computer – plus, the speakers are much louder.

I like to turn it up and rock out while the words hit the page. Check out the songs I LOVE to listen to while I’m writing.

This is part of my Music Review Series.

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