This is the second of four assignments for the Koinonia Institute course Science and the Bible. This course follows the KWL format and below are my answers for the thrid and fourth lectures titled: Beyond Coincidence. This is part of the coursework for my Unschooled Master of Theology program.

Ready to discover the true nature of our reality and what lies beyond it?

Let’s find out…

What I Knew Before I Started

Though I am convinced of the 6 literal days of creation, I am not convinced of the concept or process of evolution. Adaptation, yes. But not the process of life evolving from simple to more complex. This goes against all logic and reason, as well as the evidence.

Given that intelligence created this world, this reality, the physical, external universe and everything within it, I’m a little at a loss for why there appears to be such a lack of purpose, or at least a lack of divulgement concerning the purpose, intent, or ultimate direction of the human race, all life, and the fate of the universe as a whole.

Once everything is said and done, after the judgment at the great white throne, will the earth and heaven literally flee from the face of the Lord? Does that account for the physical, literal earth and all the other planets, stars, gas clouds, asteroids, comets, and everything that is contained within what we know as the “known universe?”

Or, does heaven here reference the dwelling place of God? Is it the spiritual realm that will no longer find a place for it, just like the earth? Will the spiritual realm and the physical realm both cease to exist? Or just the physical reality?

Is the physical reality a subset of the spiritual reality? Are they two distinct realities held in tandem to each other? In either scenario, what substance or substrate will we reside on/in at the judgment? Is there yet another substance of existence we are unaware of, a separate and distinct reality that undergirds the physical and spiritual worlds?

This is why I want (hope for) a research position in the afterlife, because I’m sick and tired of not having any answers. I want to spend the rest of my existence learning and discovering and developing an understanding of what and who God is, what is his origin, who are the angels, what was their origin story and why has all of this been given to us, such a monstrous secret?

What I Wanted to Learn

It appears as if our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and even the entire known universe is somehow, miraculously fine-tuned to support terrestrial life. The fundamental properties of physics, if off in one direction or the other, would reduce our entire history into an impossibility.

Yet, we are here. Of this, we can be anecdotally certain. There is no way to determine with any accuracy if we are actually here and present as we perceive we are, or that the reality we exist within is actually a physical, external reality as we understand it to be. This perception we have our ourselves and our surroundings could be a gimmick, a construct.

Are we the only sentient life in the universe? Are we the only sentience to have come to be? To have been created? If we evolved, then it stands to reason and logic that there is other conditions present somewhere in the universe that are similar enough to our own that life there also evolved. But, if we are the product of special creation, then only God (and the angels) know how unique we truly are, or if, perhaps, before creating us, he also created others, or, even still, once we are finished and those counted as worthy enter eternity and join the ranks of the heavenly hosts, God might strike the fire again and create yet more still.

Why the secrecy?

The bible is utterly mute on the existence of other beings on other planets. It only hints at the nature of Angels, but speak not one word about their creation or their purpose or context.

Is there any genuine purpose to our existence? Is there a reason, an explanation that will sync us into a fundamental understanding that will make sense for us of this seemingly chaotic and irrational world we are forced to live in?

I am one of the unlucky many who were not born to wealth, were not born to privilege. Yet, I am also not one of the many more who were born to extreme poverty and suffering and dread. But, there is no explanation for why I must exist. There is no excuse that I can see that would justify such a horrific lack of accountability.

Maybe in the greater context of reality (the real reality), God has nothing to answer for and no explaining to do. I will willingly accept my judgment, no matter the decision. But, at least, get it over with already. Why make humanity suffer any more than it needs to? We need God to come and end this failed experiment immediately. There is no justice. There is no vindication. There is no vengeance and the wicked do only more evil and grow stronger and more powerful and no one can escape the destruction and suffering they bring upon the heads of the common man.

End this now, Lord. Please, for the sake of all who suffer under the hand of your creation and those you created, end this now.

What I Learned from this Course

The main takeway I received from these two lectures is that of information. Information directs all life. It steers all development. The process from simple to complex, the process from development, it is driven by information.

Entropy has no creative mechanism. It cannot produce life or a living sentience, but can only tear down, remove, destroy, alter, broadcast remains until all is equal and possesses non-events.

It is the same code that has been used for all life, and this would not be seen if different species evolved along different paths. We would see different codes structures throughout the phylum, but this is not what we see.

Rather, we see the similarity in use of the familiar building block.

Likewise, as already discussed, we see no creativity in the current system. Rather, we see a winding down of a system that was once wound to life. Matter + energy + information brought about the existence of all things we see, the physical, external world. What it is exactly, if we are honest, we don’t know. But it is something. This that we preceive to exist must be something for us to preceive it, even if it is simply programming within the mind of the creator.

But, it is beyond coincidence that we can preceive it. There is a reason for all of this.


It is, in the end, an explanation we seek for the creation of the literal, physical, external world. Will there, one day, when least expected, a reckoning to be made? Will everything we know one day cease to exist, will both the earth and what we call the known universe, as described in Revelation 20:11, flee from the face of God?

Will there no longer be found a place for them?

It is, indeed, my hope to one day step into eternity, by the mercy afforded to me by Christ Jesus my Lord, and take up a perpetual position as one of the Sons of God, possibly an investigated, a records clerk, a librarian of sorts, and spend my days and nights (if there are such things anymore) uncovering the truth and mystery of Christ and the Father and the origin and purpose and fate of all things.

Until my next assignment….

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Excerpt from Seeking Light Aurora:

Thomas opened the front door of the diner and leaned inside, holding himself up by the door frame.

“What’s the matter?” Terrance said, looking away from Peg and Carol. They were all huddled together at the counter.

“Her truck is still freaking out. I’ll try to keep her busy for as long as I can, but I’m running out of ideas.”

He looked over at Derrick who was quietly sitting at the back booth reading one of his books.

“You’ve got to keep her busy,” Terrance said. “We don’t have any other choice.”

“Look –” Thomas hesitated. “This isn’t all on me you know. I’ve already told you. I don’t know jack shit about trucks or engines. I’m sure as hell not a mechanic.”

“It’ll be fine,” Peg said.

“We all know there’s nothing I can do to fix that truck.” Thomas was shaking his head. “She’s going to figure out that something’s up. What if she starts asking questions?”

“Stall her,” Terrance said. “We just have to keep her busy for a little while. Remember, whatever it takes.”

“But, what about –” Carol had tears welling up.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Terrance said. “We’ve all been through this before.” He looked at Thomas. “Just take a deep breath and relax.”

“Relax my ass,” Thomas said. “Save that bullshit for her, okay?”

“Just keep her occupied in the garage as long as you possibly can. She’s focused right now on getting her truck fixed, so use that.”

“Whatever you say.” Thomas pushed off the door frame and let the door close behind him.

“It’s not going to work,” Carol said. “She’ll figure out something is wrong and that will be it.”

Terrance put his hand on Carol’s arm, gently trying to reassure her.

“It’ll work, Carol,” he said. “Have faith. It’ll work. Whatever it takes.”

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